Karma Game

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  • RACE TO WIN—Play as many as your cards as you can without having to pick up the discard pile!
  • ELIMINATION-STYLE—Get rid of your cards to win, and be the last person standing to lose!
  • HAVE GOOD KARMA—Karma cards work as wilds to give you benefits throughout the game!
  • FAMILY FUN—Play with 2-6 players, or add on another Karma deck and play with up to 12
  • MULTIPLE WINNERS—The player left with cards is the loser, and everyone else wins!
  • Fast-paced and easy to learn Fun for kids and adults.
  • Table Cards and Karma Cards add an exciting twist to this elimination-style game.
  • Ages 8 to adult 2-6 Players or 12 players when you combine 2 copies of the game.
  • Perfect for travel, after dinner, parties and more!
  • The award-winning game where…What Goes Around…Comes Around!